Just the FAQs about our Escape Experiences

If you don’t see your question answered here; give us a call, send us a text, or drop us an email and we’ll answer anything we’ve missed!


+ What are Public and Private bookings, and which are you?

Private booking means just you, and the people you choose to join you, are in the game. Public booking is you, the people you choose, AND anyone else who wants to join you. We are, and have always been, Private Bookings; for just you and your gang!

+ How do I make a reservation to Escape?

Book online using our automated reservation system to check availability and reserve your game, or you can call us. Our booking system will take reservations up to 1 hour prior the game time. If you are less than 1 hour before game time, please call 918.382.0005 to check for availability, and we will try to accommodate you!

+ How much does it cost and can we pay when we get there?

Ticket prices are based on the number of players in your group; per person ticket prices decrease as the number of players increase. . .so you decide! This is a live event performance, so we require payment at the time of booking. We offer a 5% discount for booking 7 days in advance, just use the Promo Code: PLANNER at checkout (sorry, not available for new Games). Please follow us on  social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - for occasional promotions, contest and specials. For corporate groups and private party information, please see our Private Events page.

+ I’m not sure how many people, should I go ahead and book?

Yes, book as soon as possible so you get the day, game, and time you prefer. We recommend booking for the number you are confident will be able to join you to take advantage of the sliding scale pricing, but we don't offer refunds or credits if fewer players arrive.

+ We want to play with just the 2 of us, can we?

Yes, but . . .; Our games will be extra challenging with teams of 2, however, all our games have been completed by groups of 2. We offer unlimited hints, so we strongly suggest smaller teams take advantage of this. If your game has puzzles which physically requires more than 2, our Game Master will step in for that puzzle to be your ‘Puppet Player’ and just do as they’re told.

+ We want to play with more than the game allows, can we?

While the bean counters would love for us to stuff as many people as humanly possible into the game; it really is more important to us that our guests have a good time. Most of our games will physically accommodate more than the listed game maximums, enjoyment is also derived from the amount of puzzle content. Our recommendation is splitting into 2 groups and playing 2 games. You can give us a call and we will try to start both games at the same time. Don’t know about you, but we don’t usually enjoy feeling like a bored sardine!

+ Can I add more players to my game?

Absolutely! You may add players, as long as your team doesn’t exceed the game’s maximum. You can give us a call to update your reservation, or just show up! Additional players are added at a flat rate of $35 per person (+tax).

+ I made a reservation but can't make it, what do I do?

Bummer! Hey, we get it…life happens. All sales are final, as refunds are an accounting nightmare (we’re not CPAs). So that’s a NO-GO, however, we’re happy to reschedule your escape game or give you a Gift Card, as long as you give us 24 hours’ notice. We can update your booking for you by emailing or by calling. Sorry, no refunds, rescheduling or gift cards, for no-shows or cancellations . . . the show must go on!

+ I was lucky enough to receive a Gift Card how do I use it?

Congratulations! To redeem a Gift Card (or promo code), select the game you want to play and book as normal. When you get to the checkout page, click the button to add a Gift Card or a promo code.


+ Do you have an age limit?

Yes, we’re afraid so; the designers have created our escape experiences for ages 14 to 114 and the lawyers tell us anyone under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Please refer to the Escape Room description for additional information regarding game specific age requirements. Minors 14-17 will be allowed to play, provided an adult signs the liability waiver and is ON SITE during the entire game. Children 10-13 will also be allowed to play and must have at least 1 adult IN GAME at all times. None of our escape games are suitable for children under the age of 10, including infants and toddlers, and they will not be permitted in game.

+ Are you wheelchair accessible?

We have custom designed our facility on the main level to be wheelchair accessible, however, some of our props and puzzles may be out of reach. If you need special assistance during the game your teammates, as well as our Game Masters, are happy to assist you! Please call us 918.382.0005, PRIOR TO BOOKING, so we can provide you with more specifics regarding accessibility.

+ What can I bring (or not bring) with me, and where can I put my stuff?

Alcohol: So sorry, no.  While we also enjoy adult libations, Escape Rooms are games of logic and perception and you will need to have your full attention on solving puzzles and uncovering clues to have a successful experience.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and no refunds will be given.

Cell Phones: You’re joking, right?  YES!  We would never dream of prying your cell phone out of your hands.  A couple of requests requirements though: 1) DO exit the Game if you must use the phone; 2) DON’T plan on Siri or Google being able to help you with the puzzles-ain’t gonna happen, 3) DON’T take pictures or videos during the game...Escape from your phone, 4) DO allow us to take pics after the game for you to share with your friends!

Furry Friends: Well, if you're asking about your human friends with lots of fur, then YES! If, however, you're asking about four-legged friends, then...MAYBE. If your furry friend is a SERVICE animal, as specifically defined by the ADA, then YES. Otherwise, NO...they're really not very helpful with the puzzles anyway! None of our games are suitable for pets.

Stuff: We have some small lockers available, however, we recommend you limit the amount of stuff you bring with you.

+ What should I wear?

While we enjoy seeing teams dressed for the occasion, our recommendation (okay, requirement) is wearing clothes!  Specifically, comfortable clothes and sensible shoes!  If you normally use sight or hearing enhancements, we encourage you to wear those too. If there are specific requirements for a game, we will include the information in the Escape Room description and the booking confirmation.

+ Where do we park?

Our location, in Tulsa's historic Pearl District, features FREE off-street parking behind the building (north side), as well as FREE on-street parking.

+ What time should I arrive?

Don’t be late for a very important date escape!  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your game time. This allows for you to get checked-in, debrief if you need to use the ‘facilities’, be briefed on the rules and get the inside scoop on your Game’s Story. 

+ What if I run late?

Oh, no! Please don’t do that! This is a live event, so plan on arriving at your scheduled time (10-15 minutes prior to game time). We run a tight ship here, and we’d hate to have to set sail to the timer without you aboard. If tardiness cannot be avoided, please contact us as soon as possible with your estimated time of arrival so we can see if we can work with your timing. Texting works great for this.

+ Will I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. All adult players are required to sign a waiver on site, and a supervising adult is required to sign on behalf of any player under the age of 18. We have a contactless check-in system and upon arrival, you will scan a QR code in order to access your waiver via your phone. We also have iPads available if you are unable to use your phone.

+ What are your hours?

Below are our normal hours in which we offer bookings. Since we primarily operate on a reservation system; there may not always be someone at the venue for last minute, or walk-in, bookings. If you’re headed our way, and do NOT have a reservation, please call ahead or text to confirm our availability.

Wednesday & Thursday:  4:00pm to 8:30pm
Friday:  3:30pm to 10:30
Saturday:  12:30pm to 10:30
Sunday: 10:30am to 6:30pm
Monday:  by appointment only
Tuesday:  by appointment only


+ I’ve never been to an Escape Room, what types of puzzles and difficulty is there?

We provide you with various puzzle types within the confines of a story in a themed environment. There are puzzle types for everyone . . . even those who don’t like puzzles! This is an opportunity to feel like a movie star on the set of a great adventure with all of your besties as your co-stars. While we may have written the story, YOU will create the script of one-liners and memories to make it YOUR unique adventure.

Our crack-shot (or perhaps that should read crack-pot?) game and puzzle designers have designed the Escape Games to include a variety of puzzle types and difficulty levels. We have provided some specific guidance on each Game’s description.

+ Are the escape rooms scary or what if I have a personal objection to ____, should I attend?

Our games are designed to challenge you, not scare you…but we reserve the right to add a scary room in the future!  Fear not, we’ll advise you in the Escape Room description. We strive to provide detailed, immersive experiences for our stories. If, after reviewing our website and game descriptions, you still have any concerns, please call us for further information.

+ How long is the Escape Experience?

Expect to be at our Venue for approximately 90 minutes from arrival to departure. Players will have 10-15 minutes of rules and information, then the game, followed by 5-15 minutes for debriefing and photos.

+ Will we really be locked in a room?

NO WAY!  Your entrance door is also an emergency exit and will never be locked…you can leave anytime you want.  We encourage you to take care of any ‘necessary business’ prior to entering the Escape Game, but if you need to take a break you can leave the game and return without any penalty.  Warning: we don’t stop the clock until your game is over.

+ Can I take food or drink in the game?

We really don’t like to be a killjoy, but no. Our Experiences include artifacts which could be damaged by crumbs and/or drips. If you bring food or drink with you, and think you made need it during the game; please leave it with our Stage Manager and you may exit the game at any time to take a sip or get a snack.

+ Any special knowledge or physical activity needed to escape ?

No, you do not need any special knowledge; you only need to know how to read, count and observe. While you won’t need to scale Mt. Everest; you should plan on standing, walking, squatting, searching, talking and thinking for about an hour.

+ Is there a chair in the room in case I need to sit?

Yes, you are our guest, and we will always provide some seating for you!

+ What happens if we do not escape within the time limit?

We believe in you, but if this does occur your Game Master will enter and give you one of three options; 1) allow you to finish the game, if time permits; or 2) show you what you missed and how to finish the game; or 3) offer you a discount code for you to come back and try again!

+ Where are your Escape Rates, Record Times, Leader Boards?

Our goal is to provide YOU, and your team, a memorable Escape Room EXPERIENCE. While each Game has a time limit; YOUR enjoyment...YOUR EXPERIENCE cannot be measured by an Escape Rate, a Record Time nor a Leader Board.


Everyone who enters Eleventh Hour Enigma is part of our Escape Room family; from owners, house managers, game masters, stage managers, friends, neighbors and finally to you, our very important guests!  We want to assure all our Escape Artists that your health and safety are first and foremost in everything we do.

+ Will our group be teamed with strangers?

No Stranger Danger here!  We have always had private bookings and will continue to do, so the Experience is just for you and your group. In the future, we may offer a Mixer Night for players to meet each other and possibly form a new team!

+ How many players are in the escape room?

Please refer to the Escape Room description for information on the number of players (minimum and maximums).  Each Game has been specifically designed for safety, comfort and playability.

+ Are the games monitored?

Yepper!  We use audio and video to monitor our venue, and games, for your safety and ours. Also, this is how your Game Master can provide guidance...…not that you will need it! (evil laugh)

+ Are there any special effects?

Well . . . maybe . . . (spoiler alert) . . . yes! We like special effects . . . IF it makes sense in the story! We want to immerse you in the environment by touching on all the senses. So, we utilize several different techniques to enhance your Experience. We do NOT use strobe lights. If you have any special concerns, or would like more specific information, please call us.

+ A member of our group isn’t feeling well; what now?

If you, or any member of your party, are experiencing any signs of illness; please contact us as soon as possible via email or phone and we will reschedule you. If you are not sure when you will be able to play, we will offer you a Gift Card to use in the future. We really don’t like the cooties, so please do NOT attend your event if you aren’t feeling well.

+ Are you sanitizing your Venue and Games?

Yes, we have always maintained a rigorous cleaning schedule. We have added enhanced sanitization protocols for the Venue, Games and Props. We have also modified some of our Props to better allow for sanitization (lamination, disposable, etc.).

+ Do you have hand sanitizer stations available?

Of course, we do! We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for our guests, especially during the cold and flu season.

+ Do you require masks?

We follow all federal, state and local laws. So, if there is a mask mandate in effect then yes we will require masks. Currently, there is not a mandate; so you (and our staff) are free to choose whether or not you don a mask.

+ Do you require proof of vaccination?

Again, we follow all federal, state and local laws. To follow the law, and to protect the medical privacy of our guests and staff; we do not require proof of vaccinations.


+ I’ve already played, but I had so much fun; can I play the same again?

Yes, of course! We’d love to see you again! If you’ve already played the game, and you want to play the same game again; we’re happy to offer you a $20 discount. If playing a game more than once, however, we request (okay, insist) that you DON’T be a ‘spoiler’ for the rest of your group . . . warning that can be more challenging than any of the puzzles! Send us an email, or give us a call, to get set up your return visit.

+ Can we book for a time that isn’t available on your calendar?

If you would like to book a game for your group at a day or time that isn’t listed, please email us or call us and we may be able to accommodate your request. HINT: the chances increase if you let us know at least two weeks in advance.

+ Do you offer corporate events or private parties?

You betcha!  We love to party and we’re a corporation too!  Check out the information on our Private Events page for options such as use of our Lounge (aka a comfy conference/party room), catering and facilitated team building sessions.  To book a corporate event or party, drop us an email  or give us a call 918.382.0005 to create a customized Escape Experience!

+ How do I purchase a Gift Card?

You may purchase online Gift Cards in any amount. In store, we also offer $50 and $100 credit-card style Gift Cards. Gift cards can be used on any game and are good for 5 years from the date of purchase.

+ I’ve seen some of your really cool tee shirts, where can I get one?

Gee whiz, thanks. . .…we think they’re really cool too! Great news. . .…we offer them for sale at the venue! We usually have our Eleventh Hour Enigma black logo shirt in both v-neck and round neck versions from size small to xxlarge in stock. We also offer single-run specialty escape shirts in various colors with the same styles and sizes. . .…but once they’re gone, they’re gone.