uNiQue Party
Host your next party at Eleventh Hour Enigma and make it a party to remember. Whether you’re planning a birthday, anniversary, retirement or just a reason to get together with a large group of friends or family.  Contact us to get the Escape party started. 
Team Building 
Eleventh Hour Enigma is Tulsa’s premier team building activity where teams must communicate, collaborate and problem-solve to escape. Our Escape Room Experience is great for developing team building and problem-solving skills. You and your colleagues have to “beat the clock” and exit the room. 
Great Location 
We are conveniently located close to downtown, in the heart of Tulsa’s Historic Pearl District.  There are additional entertainment options for groups looking to extend their Escape Room Experience, or while waiting on other participants.


Eleventh Hour Enigma brings out the best in your team.  Is your team comprised of an Initiator, Leader, Supporter, Problem-solver, Communicator, Coordinator, Motivator, Competitor…or maybe even a Grump-a-lump?  Can you identify who is who?  Do you know who will shine when the clock is ticking?  All of these roles working together is the key to a successful escape.


How smart do you have to be to escape one of our rooms?  Success is not always a function of intelligence, rather it really comes down to problem solving; which requires players to shift perspectives.  Our escape rooms help highlight the importance of perspective. Whenever a team is tackling a puzzle, different points of view can provide a team with more options to make their escape.


The puzzles vary, but most rely on the player’s ability to draw connections or see patterns.  Players often have an “Aha” moment when the puzzle solution is discovered.  The problem wasn’t too hard, it just required a different perspective. Moments like these, can help reinforce the need for different thoughts and approaches.


When playing our Escape Rooms a group must work together, communicate, and collaborate in order to solve the mysteries of the room and discover the secret.  It’s challenging – but a lot of fun.  Everyone has a role to play to be successful.


Even teams that don’t quite make it out in the time still leave rejuvenated and brainstorming on how they could have escaped successfully with slight changes in team dynamics.  It’s great to watch the team grow, build relationships and perhaps better appreciate the value of everyone’s contribution.


After game facilitation extends the Escape Room Experience beyond the Game.  Teams will want to discuss what they did right — and what they missed — after the experience. Did they listen to each other? Did they work together? How did they determine who would do what during the escape room experience? Did they collaborate to solve puzzles? How did each team member contribute? What may have tripped them up?


 Large groups can buy all the available tickets for consecutive time slots and use the first time slot for networking, eating and drinking* in our Lounge and the subsequent time slots for their team escape attempts. Companies can assign players a time to arrive and the facility will be exclusively reserved for their groups running through multiple time slots.

Interested in joining us? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to create your customized team building Escape Room Experience.

*Please note any food, beverages, and service tables will need to be catered.  Fear not, we can help you with the arrangements.