My name is Swat Commander Thomas and I have been with the Police Department since 2002.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University and was promoted to commander in December of 2014.  I’m currently responsible for Patrol Watch 1, which includes oversight for the Pearl District and downtown Tulsa.  I also manage the SWAT and Bomb teams.  My passion is in training the next generation of SWAT recruits.  Outside of work, I like to go noodling.

Howdy, I’m Detective Forbes!  Raised in a small town in Tennessee, I moved to Tulsa a few years back for work.  I can say that I wasn't hired for my physical strength but when it comes to cracking codes and closing cases, that have been cold for years; I can be quite resourceful. M y father was a cop for the entirety of his career, so you could say that I feel a sense of familiarity in this field of work.  Put me on a mission, and I promise to send in only the best of the best and provide information not even the toughest guys could have pried out of the suspect. 

It’s a pleasure to meet you, I am SWAT Commander Goose and I have been on the force for over 8 years.  I knew from a young age it was not only my desire, but my duty to catch criminals and stop them from causing any chaos or harming any more civilians!  I joined the police academy in Missouri at the age of 18, and work my butt off to join the SWAT team as soon as I could 19 (minimum age requirement).  At 22 I had fully proven that I was more than capable, and dependable to lead my team to bring about the best possible result, not only my fellow officers, but for the general public!  I have had 4 years in this role, and this is where I know where I am meant to be. The only thing more important to me than catching these criminals is keeping my family safe, which is why I go in and work my absolute best every day to bring them a brighter future.

I am SWAT Commander Kennedy, a top investigator for my division, even though I look quite young I’m an imposing figure, who does my best to command my squad and make sure everyone comes back safe from every mission.

My name is Commander Moose and I grew up in Seattle.  As a young boy I always admired Law enforcement and I believed there was no higher calling than choosing to serve and protect citizens.  This dream led me down a journey of moving from traffic cop all the way to Commander.  I moved to Tulsa on request from the TPD and am here to serve Tulsa in the best way I know how.

Hello.  My name is Agent Prince, and I’ve been with the FBI for about a year now.  Though I might not yet be as seasoned as other officers, I’d like to think that I bring a sense of quick and creative thinking to the table.  I believe that I am a valuable asset to the team and will work my hardest to prove that.


Bonjour, my name is Yvette. My life was forever changed when I met Mrs. Winchester at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. I was a young lady in 1882, when I carelessly bumped into her while we were both following the nave’s labrynth. In fluent French, Mrs. Winchester and I discussed the history of labyrinths and the evolution of mazes. During our subsquent meetings, we discovered our shared love of logic and puzzles. Prior to departing France for return to America, Mrs. Winchester offered me the honor of traveling with to California to become her Lady’s Maid. I am honored to serve Mrs. Winchester in this capacity.

Hello, my name is Ramsley, and I am very pleased to meet you.  After departing England for America, I am now the the head butler for the Winchester estate. I tend to be very strategic, loyal, tireless, caring, and protective of the household.  At times, some may say I have a manipulative attitude and a deadpan sense of humour, as I often make clever, sarcastic, and pointed comments.  When not maintaining the Mansion, you might see me high in the skies above, piloting my new airship.  I look forward to being of service to you.

I am Miss Annabell, one of Miss Sarah’s maids around the mansion.  How did I come to work here?  I simply saw the headlines about this odd place nestled in San Jose, California.  Instantly I was captured by the gossip about Sarah’s...spirit problem.  I guess you could say that my curiosity got the best of me.  I have now been here for quite some time and have made a home out of this mansion, and a family out of the spirits these walls hold.

Good Evening, I am Sebastian, and I have been serving the Winchester Family for as long as I can remember… in fact it feels like an Eternity. I take great pride in helping Mrs. Winchester in all affairs, and am willing to do anything needed for the betterment of the Winchester household.

Hello, I am Miss Mary and I came to Mrs. Winchester’s mansion quite young, to work to help support my family.  I have since grown into a very tall woman, and my imposing presence around the manor has fooled many people into thinking I'm a specter or ghost, but I am really not all that scary.  I am just trying make it through the day and keep the Mansion in one piece.

My name is Vladimir, as a young lad, I was very rarely bad.  I grew up in Russia, to two wonderful parents; but they came into financial trouble in 1896 when my grandmother became very ill.  I had to leave Russia and came to the United States to look for opportunity.  This was when my story began as a butler in the Winchester Mansion.  Many believe I inhabit the eerie nature that surrounds the mansion, in reality I am just looking to make my way in the world and to help support my family back in Russia.

Hello there!  My name is Miss Greta Garland and I am fairly new here at the mansion.  My family does not come from much, so they are quite proud that I work at such a grand estate.  It is a great honor to be working at Mrs. Winchester’s home, and I will sacrifice anything to meet her expectations and wishes.


Hello, my name is Nicole and I play the role of Gertrude Bell in the Cairo Connection. This role is every actress’s play the part of a trailblazer, an extraordinary woman.  She lived a life that I could only dream of doing: she conquered Alpine peaks; was a desert explorer and cartographer; a spy, wartime political operative and soldier; a writer and an archaeologist who spoke six languages, including Arabic.  All while travelling with a canvas bathtub and Wedgewood china.  What she did was amazing and I’m excited to share the story of her life.  She took the most horrendous risks, that she could have been murdered, or anything could have happened to her in the desert...she was completely fearless.  Bell is often referred to as the female version of her friend T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), when in truth, Lawrence could probably be remembered as a less-impressive, male Gertrude Bell!

Hi, I’m Edmund and am excited to be playing the role of Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence.  He was a British archaeologist, army officer, diplomat, and writer, who became renowned for his role in the Arab Revolt and the Sinai and Palestine Campaign against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.  The breadth and variety of his activities and associations, and his ability to describe them vividly in writing, earned him international fame as Lawrence of Arabia! Big shoes to fill and I hope you enjoy my performance!

Hi, I'm Freya, the actress portraying Miss Bell.  Gertrude Bell was an inspiring and fearless woman who lived her life to the absolute fullest, travelling and making an impact.  She documented her journeys around the globe where she learned epigraphy, photography, and journalism.  I am thrilled to play the role of Gertrude Bell, especially taking place in my most favorite of her travels...Cairo, Egypt.

Hello, my name is Damion and I play the role of T. E. Lawrence!  I am quite excited to tackle this role of such a diverse character in history, between being a write, archeologist, war veteran, and working quite closely with the leader in the Arab Revolt (Emir Faisal)! Unfortunately, his life was ended a bit short after receiving a fatal injury in a motorcycle accident.  Although his work has lived on, he is most well known for his writing in “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” which was an autobiographical piece of work from his participation in the Arab Revolt!  This Gentleman has made so many stories, and lived the equivalent of so many life times, that I just hope I can truly due his character justice!

My name is Teagan, and I’m honored to be able to portray the great Gertrude Bell in the Cairo Connection.  This woman lived an extraordinary life, one more akin to a movie than almost anything we would consider typical today.  She was an archaeologist, a spy, an explorer, as well as the first woman to earn first-degree honors from Oxford University in modern history.  This truly remarkable woman isn’t talked about enough when it comes to history and It’s a privilege to be able to bring her to life once again.

My name is Griffin and I grew up with a love for theatre, and participated in all of the offered programs at my schools and was the lead in multiple community shows.  When I was invited to play the role of Lawrence of Arabia in the Cairo Connection it was perfect, a mix of my love for theatre and fascination with Egypt and its mythology.  I am fulfilled knowing that I am able to do justice to the man Lawrence and to be able to bring to life the adventure of the Cairo Connection.

My name is Ruby Darling and I am so honored to be portraying Gertrude Bell!  After doing a widely extensive character study on such an amazing historical figure, I believe that I can accurately present the gumption and grit that Gertrude was known for.  This is my favorite role yet and I sincerely look forward to performing it for you!