Meet our TEAM

As President of Distinctive Designs, Mel has over 20 years of experience in architectural design; from remodels to small office buildings to 12,000 square foot luxury homes. She has served on multiple boards and has won several awards for her designs and has been featured in various publications.  Basically, she has been solving the puzzle of how to squeeze as many rooms into the least amount of space possible, while maintaining appeal, function, and flow.

As Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of Eleventh Hour Enigma, Mel has combined her interest in history, a passion for puzzles with the love of design to create a new Escape Experience.  Eleventh Hour Enigma has been able to offer bespoke games in a boutique environment.  The Company’s motivation is to bring a more story-driven and customer-centric experience to the market.  In less than 2 years, Eleventh Hour Enigma has been featured in several local and statewide publications and has gained recognition as one of the ‘best’ reviewed venues in the United States.

Her favorite part of being at Eleventh Hour Enigma is hearing the sounds of excitement as players enjoy the experience.  When not designing houses and escape experiences, she likes to save old houses and spend time with her family.  If Mel were a pet, she would be a Saint Bernard; as she has had, at least one, every year since college.




HiYa! My name is Lindsey and I joined Eleventh Hour Enigma in the fall of 2019 as a Game Master.  I am now the House Manager and I could not adore this place more!  My favorite aspect of my work is making sure everyone has a great time and is able to find a genuine connection to our games and the stories they follow.  When you can immerse a group into the experience, it allows them to escape the mundane for a bit...that alone is pretty special.  As for outside of the escape room, I am a licensed cosmetologist and special fx makeup artist!  I have some quirky interests, but I am especially passionate about history and folklore, so my vacation destinations can be quite strange!  I hope I get the chance of meeting you and providing you with the BEST escape experience ever!


Hey there! My name is Molly, and I’m a Game Master here at Eleventh Hour Enigma!  Since I’ve started working here, I’ve found a true passion in running escape games.  I have always loved playing escape rooms and working here has given me new insight into how incredible they are.  My favorite part of the job is getting to witness people bonding and working towards a common goal as they complete each puzzle!  On my off time I enjoy writing music, hiking, and reading a good book snuggled up with my dogs (but who doesn’t?).

“By helping our guests experience a completely different world, filled with mysteries and puzzles, and filling a void many never knew existed, it fills me with the greatest satisfaction.” ~Tim

As a self-proclaimed “Jack-of-all-trades,” I was drawn to the position of Game Master during the summer of 2021.  Upon entering this world, my inner child was reborn, my desire to perform was reignited, and despite falling in love with my wife 22 years ago, I fell in love all over again. To my lovely wife, Kristy, I ask that you please forgive me.

My favorite part is facilitating the transport of guests into another world and providing them with entertainment unimaginable just moments prior.  When not busy providing mind-bending experiences, I can be found in my lair, dabbling in several other projects like voice-overs, writing, and learning new skills.


Hi, my name is Katey!  You could say my heart was captured by Eleventh Hour Enigma, as I applied for a job here right after playing one of our games.  Needless to say, I certainly have no intention of escaping!  In fact, my favorite part of my job is all of you!   From co-workers to customers, you all make my job a wonder.  Outside of Enigma, I love art, antiques, animals, and people.