Meet our TEAM

As President of Distinctive Designs, Mel has over 20 years of experience in architectural design; from remodels to small office buildings to 12,000 square foot luxury homes. She has served on multiple boards and has won several awards for her designs and has been featured in various publications.  Basically, she has been solving the puzzle of how to squeeze as many rooms into the least amount of space possible, while maintaining appeal, function, and flow.

As Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of Eleventh Hour Enigma, Mel has combined her interest in history, a passion for puzzles with the love of design to create a new Escape Experience.  Eleventh Hour Enigma has been able to offer bespoke games in a boutique environment.  The Company’s motivation is to bring a more story-driven and customer-centric experience to the market.  In less than 2 years, Eleventh Hour Enigma has been featured in several local and statewide publications and has gained recognition as one of the ‘best’ reviewed venues in the United States.

Her favorite part of being at Eleventh Hour Enigma is hearing the sounds of excitement as players enjoy the experience.  When not designing houses and escape experiences, she likes to save old houses and spend time with her family.  If Mel were a pet, she would be a Saint Bernard; as she has had, at least one, every year since college.



Hello there, I’m Lindsey! While I wear many hats at Eleventh Hour Enigma, House Manager is my most favorite. As a history fanatic, I was absolutely mesmerized by the escape experiences Eleventh Hour Enigma offered and naturally applied for a job! I was welcomed aboard in fall of 2019 as a Game Master, where I sharpened my skills in the world of puzzles and excellent customer experiences. My favorite part of the job is the ability to connect with fantastic people and seeing returning customers! If I am not at Eleventh Hour Enigma, there’s a good chance I’m enjoying a fine cup of joe and browsing my favorite antique stores.