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   In 1915, the Great War is raging in the Mediterranean and Ottomans are marching through the desert sands to seize control of the Suez canal.  Cairo Bureau Intelligence Operatives, Gertrude Bell and Lawrence of Arabia, intercepted information and mounted an expedition to the dig site to recover an ancient relic to unify the Egyptian people - the Unification Heart.  We lost contact; your assignment is to continue their quest to recover the Heart.
  Can His Majesty depend on you, Britain's finest secret agents to recover the Heart and escape; or will the Heart, and you, be forever entombed?


Players:  2-7   Recommend:  4-6
Min. Age:  14*   Puzzles:  Challenge 
Time:  65 min    Wheelchair:  Please Call
Notes:  Sands of Egypt - Dress accordingly 
*See our FAQ for more information on age requirements.