The histories are researched, the scripts are written, the themed escape rooms are built, the props and puzzles are set; now it's up to YOUYOU are the master of your destiny;  YOU determine the ending;  YOU are in command of this ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE.

BUILD your TEAM of friends, family or co-workers to help you FOLLOW THE CLUES and SOLVE the PUZZLES which will UNLOCK the MYSTERY just in time to BEAT the CLOCK and finally to ESCAPE the ROOM . . . or will YOU?

Can you protect Tulsa’s
future from the past
and escape in time?


Tulsa Time Escape Room

Will you discover all of
Sarah's secrets and
escape the Mansion?

Winchester's Widow Escape Room

Can you unite Egypt, chart a
new course for the Great War
and make your escape?


the Cairo Connection Escape Room